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Terms of Service:to of Caballoria SL

1. Application:

These GTC regulate the use of the web shop of Caballoria SL (hereinafter referred to as "company") and the services offered via this online shop.

Persons, companies and/or companies that use this online shop are referred to below as users.

2. Description of the services offered

The company makes the distribution of horse advertisements (hereinafter referred to as "advertisements") available to the user with its web shop as a service.

The advertisements are distributed on 10 different animal sales platforms, 5 social media channels and 25 horse sales groups in up to 10 European countries. The user is free to choose the countries.


The available animal sales platforms are:,,,,,,,,,,, preloved.,


The social media channels are:

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Telegram and Twitter

The duration of the advertisements depends on the general conditions of the respective animal sales platform, media channels and horse sales groups.

3. Pricing and Accounting

The prices stated in the web shop include 21% sales tax. Invoicing takes place via email.



4. Data Entry/Image and Name Rights

By entering the data, images and videos of the advertisements, the user confirms that these are free of third-party rights and releases the company from claims for damages in this context.

5. Inquiries about the ads

Inquiries from interested parties about the respective advertisements are sent directly to the contact options specified by the user.

6. Publication of the advertisements

By entering the advertisements, the customer authorizes the company to publish the advertisements in digital and print media. The advertisements can also be used by the company as self-promotion.

7. Privacy

The processing of data, especially personal data, is referred to the data protection declaration.


8. Liability and Warranty

The customer is fully liable and guarantees for the information given in the advertisement and for the horse for sale itself.

The company is not liable for the misuse of the internet and the associated damage to the customer by third parties, disruptions to the telecommunications networks by third parties and the internet, as well as for service interruptions of animal sales platforms, social media channels and groups.

9. Confirmation of the GTC

The customer confirms the general terms and conditions of the company with every booking.

10. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

The general terms and conditions are subject exclusively to Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction is Spain and, to the extent permitted by Spanish law, Valencia.

Status: 11/11/2022

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